Over 48 Square Inches ... To 6 foot lenghts.

  • Background Colors:
    See Above.
  • Holes or Adhesive Backing
  • Square or Round Corners
  • Odd Shapes
  • Thickness of Material:
    See Above.
TECH-3D Embossed Name Plates! Never wear away! Durable and UV resistant. Baked enamel colors. Superior and more durable than aluminum foil, Mylar, or Vinyl film labels. Provided with self adhesive backing or mounting holes. Holes can be .125”, .22”, .25”, .31” or please specify. Square or rounded edges.

Since 1948, we have been supplying customers with name plates with cast-like, highly raised, embossed copy. The bold, 3-dimensional letters formed in our very high tonnage presses cannoy be destroyed by scratching, abrasion or overpainting. Printed, anodized and even etched plates cannot match the permanent legibility of TECH-2D Embossed Name Plates!